Otakar Motejl Fund´s hackathon is back - this time in Brno!

BrnoHacks, the biggest open data hackathon in the city, will bring together active citizens, people from non-profit organisations, the business sector and the government. Our goal together is to make Brno a friendlier place to live and to show how to use raw open data to create meaningful projects.

Over the course of a weekend, participants will organize into small teams, familiarize themselves with the technological requirements, and show their skills by writing software, designing mock-ups for a project or application of their own, and by implementing it while using available open data.

Are you...

a developer who wants to write software and master emerging technologies?

a graphic designer willing to create user-friendly app designs that can transform boring stats into visualizations explaining life in Brno?

an idea maker who can build innovative projects to change the way people feel and live their city?

a data scientist who knows how to find new ways to use open data?

an urbanist who wants to share their expertise, and solve real issues?

someone who can help generate new insights and design projects, so #brnohacks can make a real difference to the city and its residents?


Registration is open till May 10. Due to the limited capacity of the venue, your registration will be confirmed after the registration ends on May 12. Please write your area of expertise and skills you can bring to the hackathon into the registration form so we can inform you if you have been chosen to participate!

The City of Brno promised to publish its open data before the hackathon starts. We will update you when it happens. However, there are other open data resources that you can use - eg. the National Cadastre of Real Estate, Register of Contracts, diverse meteorological data, list of Cultural Monuments in Brno, list of Data Boxes, E-Desky, Register of Economic Subjects.

We also encourage you to come up with data resources by your own. In any case, we want you to make use of some open data sets at least.

More information coming soon!


17-18 Doors open, registration
18-19 Event kick-off
19-21 Pitches (3 min. each) and team formation


13-15 Mid-term presentations
15-16 Discussion and feedback from mentors and organizers (optional)


15-17 Presentation of the final outputs (5 min. each)
17-17.30 Jury and feedback time
17.30-18 Winners will be announced
18 Wrap up! Thanks and see you next year!


Purkyňova 649/127
612 00 Brno-Medlánky
Czech Republic

Do I have to be from Brno?

No at all! This event is open to anyone who cares about the city, open data or wants to participate in interesting projects based on open data. You don’t need to be a resident to apply. You can even camp at JIC, if you bring a sleeping bag and a mat.

Is there a participation fee?

Participation fee is 250 Kč and covers accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee and beverages, cloud technologies for the hackathon, professional mentoring and great atmosphere.

I don’t want to start a business, I just want to create value from open data, can I still apply?

Of course! You make the fruits of all your hard work open-source. But you can commercially build on them. There are no obligations, as long as you use the available open data sets and create something useful for the residents, businesses, or municipalities of Brno. That’s it.

Do I need to have a team to join?

Not at all. When the Hackathon kicks off, you’ll have the chance to pitch your idea to all participants, or to join a team you find interesting. Teams may combine or split up according to their interests and goals. Teams should consist of 2 to 5 people with diverse skills.

Should I bring something?

Please bring your own devices (laptops). We take care of power and connectivity. And don´t forget to bring your smile :)


BrnoHacks is organized by:
Fond Otakara Motejla
Hradecká 18
130 00 Praha3
+420 222 540 979

Fond Otakara Motejla is part of the Open Society Fund Prague.

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